Blue Monday

Monday morning and i haven’t yet done any photoshoots for the PAW assignment: Photographing Hanna (wife) cutting Noah’s (son) hair doesn’t really count does it? I did get some nice images from the session.

I’m putting as lot of pressure on myself. To follow in the footsteps of great photojournalists like W. Eugene Smith, Philip Jones Griffith, James Nachtewy, Don McCullin, is very daunting. All great photographers. Heroes of photography.

Of course I don’t plan on becoming a war photographer. I live in the countryside with my wife and two kids, and the pace of life here is pretty slow. most people I know are now out of work, at least in the architecture/construction industry.  I want to photograph something relevant to today, and something relevant to the area in which i live.

The only digital camera i have is a canon 5d and the only lens i have for this is a 50mm f/1.4. a great lens and very useful. when used the right, it can produce images that look like they have been made with a 35mm lens.  The battery is charged, the memory card empty, so here i go. watch this space….



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