Photoshoot at Ceadogan Rugs

After a two-and-a-half hour photoshoot, I’m engaged in a struggle with Photoshop to do some batch processing on 250 RAW files. Turns out – after much hair tearing and swearing at the monitor – I need to create an action to custom process the files to low res monochrome to make them suitable for uploading to photoshelter for review on Friday.  Something is happening with the program as i speak but i have yet to see the finished result. fingers crossed….

Dennis Kenny of Ceadogan Rugs, Bannow, County Wexford, was kind enough to allow me to photoshoot the rugmaking process, or part of, and gave me a great tour and introduction to the world of Rug making.  He was very generous with his time and took me through the whole process so that i might better understand, and thus make better photos.

The project brief calls for monochrome images. Pity, as the colours at Ceadogan Rugs are magnificent.


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