Photography, photojournalism

Photoshoot at Wexford Tattoo_Photojournalism Practice

Today I spent an hour or so shooting Kevin Killeen, master tattooist, at work in his Wexford Tattoo studio. A real professional, and good taste in music too; Hank Williams just got a new fan.

I felt a bit like a mosquito buzzing round the relatively small studio trying to land in the right places to get the best shots. At times i found myself wanting a 35mm lens; sometimes the 50mm is just not wide enough. I sold my 24-105mm last year; it was big and slow, and, besides, my photography improved using only one focal length; the 50mm.

After shooting off approx 100 frames, I thanks the lads and said my goodbyes. I knew i had got a few good shots, but i felt that somehow i didn’t get THE shot. did you ever get that feeling? Its important to know when to stop shooting, and when to hang around that little bit longer, just in case….


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