Assignment #3 Relationships – Dublin Zoo

After a week of suffering the Noro virus, a day of sunshine was forecast, and so we made plans to head to Dublin Zoo. Its a great day out for the kids, but seeing the majestic Tigers pacing back and forth, and having exchanged more than a few moments eye contact with the primates, one cant help but wonder about the relevance of Zoos in modern society.

Having said that, we had a really nice day, and I tried to make some images to show the relationships that emerge in this slightly strange, artificial environment.

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Assignment#2 – lessons learned

Even in a one horse town, when the rain is pissing down, the recession is in full swing, and the streets are half empty, there are good photo opportunities out there for the patient and prepared photographer.




Photography, photojournalism

Assignment #2 street photography

Its two weeks since we received the brief for the street photography/moment assignment. here are some things I have learned so far:

#1. Not much happens in Wexford during February.

#2. Street photography is best suited to spaces/places where there is a reasonable amount of people coming and going. This is not the case in Wexford town during February.

#3. A brass neck is required. street shooting is definitely not for wallflowers. I heard many muttered swearwords as I clicked away on the street. mothers with buggies gave the most evil-eyes. As a parent with young children, I empathise.

#4.  I used some techniques used by Garry Winogrand. He used to play the role of silly tourist type; the hapless kind of character, accidentally clicking the shutter while toying with his camera; pretending to check his gear then… click. I found smiling helped a little. The wife had a good laugh as she watched from the sidelines!

For the assignment I had to borrow a friend’s 18-55mm Sigma lens to go on my 5D. the Sigma lens was made for APS/crop sensors, leaving me with heavy vignetting on anything I have so far shot.  Good glass is expensive, and even the modest quality Canon EF 35mm f/2 lens is 300 euro. I have a Leica M6 with a 35mm Summicron but BW processing is slow and expensive here. So, despite the Leica being camera of choice for this assignment,  I had to go with my not so inconspicuous 5d. Maybe my lotto numbers will come in and I can get myself a Leica M9. (drool)

Having said all that, I realise there is no ‘silver bullet’ camera or lens. Chase Jarvis once said: “The best camera is the one you have with you”.