Ireland’s ghost estates

Irelands economic crisis is visible throughout the landscape. Some 2850 unfinished housing estates lie dormant around the country as a result of the collapse of the construction industry.

The extent and scale of the problem is massive, and the government have yet to come up with a clearly defined solution. Their best offering so far is to establish yet another taskforce – at the taxpayers expense.

People who were unfortunate enough to have bought a house on these unfinished estates have to live with health and safety risks everywhere; some even have open sewers. One ghost estate I visited had a single woman living there. the estate was clearly littered with building materials, and was fast becoming a dumping ground for electrical goods, toys, used nappies, etc.

During the boom times, developers received up to 870 million euro in tax breaks, the Irish people are now paying for the banks’ poor decisions, and now we are supposed to fork out more hard earned cash to finish/demolish these ghost estates.





5 thoughts on “Ireland’s ghost estates

  1. Jo Ellicott says:

    Thats really interesting but also incredibly sad. Its good to raise this because its easy to think this kind of thing doesn’t exist in the UK. You’ve captured the feeling really well – I’d kinda like to see how it looks from behind the glass in this poor woman’s house. It will be interesting to see what happens to this area over the next year or so. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Simon wow, really powerful stuff. Can’t wait to see more from this.

    The last shot is perfect; I love how you’ve completely undercut with the dream of the white picket fence…

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