Grow your own

Myself and the wife have long spoken about growing our own vegetables. The conversation has developed over a few years, and so, finally, this spring, I went to the local builders yard, bought a load of timber, cut it into suitable lengths, screwed them together, and voila, the frame for a raised vegetable bed was born. It was a long birth, possibly the longest in history. The process was spread over two and a half weeks. But its here now, and the other afternoon I/we filled it with homemade compost.

Now, to get the plants in, and let nature take its course, with a little help from newly greened fingers. Watch this space….


4 thoughts on “Grow your own

  1. Congrats on the first steps to self sufficiency Simon. I would also love to grow my own but living in London I have no outside space although just had a conversation with Richard at tutorial and he has an allotment which is gold dust in London! I have memories of going to Ireland on holiday as a child and digging potatoes from the back field….I though that’s what everyone did in Ireland……I guess not ; )

  2. Brilliant Simon being in Scotland we’ve got space but until now its all been pretty much grass for reasons of ease but all of sudden the bug has struck and the greenhouse is coming soon …………… The only drawback is that they are insisting in a level base so I’ve 30 slabs to lay over this weekend in between two shoots. Nice raised bed by the way!

    Our driveway is a bit of a mess and so we’ve contemplated turning it into allotments using the Hugh Fearnley whatever he’s called. Tracey I could put you on the list but its maybe a bit of commute.

  3. Ah, raised beds. I’ve heard about them, even seen some, but never had the nous to build one!
    Being a country boy, outside space is critical to me – hence the allotment. It’s very much suck it and see with what succeeds, but it’s so good to be that bit more sustainable. ‘Allotment: month by month’ by Alan Buckingham has seriously helped.

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