Living in the now

Sometimes, I wish i could go back to the days when I didn’t take photos. Never did I have to think about what camera to bring, if it was safe to bring this camera or that camera, If the light was good or bad, overcast or sunny.

I’m beginning to think that the more I photograph, the more time I spend behind the camera, shielded from whats really going on, the less I am immersed in the moment, and thus more detached from really living….


3 thoughts on “Living in the now

  1. I agree with the sentiment, Simon. Many’s the time I’ve hidden behind my camera at celebrations with friends and family instead of participating.

    There’s a tension between enjoying the moment and capturing it.

  2. Christina Vazou says:

    I really understand what you are talking about. It happens also to me all the time. Sometimes I am happy about it but sometimes I prefer not to take pictures. It’s difficult I think to combine both. On the other side I am thinking, that it has to do with the way we realize things and how we shoot. If we go through life fully awarded, looking deeply at things and having a real relation and while doing so just put the camera for less than a second in front of our eyes, shoot, and then continue to go on, then we will achieve a deeper view and better pictures (I guess). My problem is always what people think about me holding a camera and taking pictures while talking to them etc. That stops me of doing it in this way. If I could be convinced that the camera is a part of me and don’t think much about it than maybe it would be different.

  3. i fully understand what you mean, simon. i have a wedding coming up, of two friends i really like, so i’d like to celebrate with them, and of course the question was: can i be the official photographer? i decided to say no (will of course take a mini camera with me though).

    on the other hand: the camera does help make sense of really boring events, sometimes, and it can be great to have that shield between you and the people around you, that you don’t have anything in common with.

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