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B-Sides (killing your babies)

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Photojournalism practice photoessay, and History & Theory Critical essay submitted, to much relief. I’ve seen some of my fellow students work and the standard is very high.

Editing from 545 photos down to 25 was not easy, specially when the photos are so personal – family photos. So, I have included a selection of the ones, that for whatever reason, did not make into the final 25.

Now looking forward to the next phase, and working on some long term projects.


3 thoughts on “B-Sides (killing your babies)

  1. absolutely love your essay (and find you very, very brave to chose this topic), great photos, and also the b-sides: wonderful (love the playground and the sitting on the sofa a lot!). one comment i have is: where is: you? as a viewer i want to see you as well….. other than that: i fell in love with your family!

  2. I really really like that one with the bicycle and the reflection…it says something rather poetic about the relationship between the parent and kids…

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