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Restart Ireland’s Sugar Beet Industry

Most of Ireland’s sugar is imported from abroad. Ireland’s last remaining sugar plants were closed down in 2005/2006 following reforms of the EU’s Sugar Policies. Even at the end of the industry, the turnover in Co. Wexford alone was over €10 million.

The image below was taken at Wellington bridge at a disused sugar factory. The factory is adjacent to the now defunct Rosslare-Waterford railway line, which I was photographing at the time.

Re-starting the Irish sugar beet industry would create hundreds if not thousands of jobs across the country in areas where unemployment is destroying communities. It would create jobs for farmers, road hauliers, factory workers, and might even re-introduce traffic/business along the Rosslare-Waterford railway line, not to mention the growing bio-ethanol industry.

Now, doesn’t that sound sweet?


One thought on “Restart Ireland’s Sugar Beet Industry

  1. i love these straight forward, “simple” shots.

    it always amazes me (and i keep forgetting), how the rest of europe (that is not germany) tolerates these artefacts from the past (and thus i always think that it is very un-european to have them…). in germany, this little house would have been demolished almost immediately, or used otherwise.

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