10 Photographers you should ignore

I have been a Flickr user since 2007. Recently I admit to getting a little bored with it. Maybe there is a limit to image saturation, maybe because I am currently more engaged with my own work.

One of the good things that have come out of my time spent there is the discovery of LPV Magazine. An online and print magazine dedicated to contemporary documentary and fine art photography. LPV founder, Bryan Formhals has an entertaining article on which was originally published in 2010 on LPV.

Go read it.




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Alex Webb Interview: IPA

Invisible Photographer Asia interviews Alex Webb here.

Alex Webb talks about photobooks, street photography, digital, workshops, and more….


At Night: Submission Rejects

I recently made a submission to SuperMassiveBlackhole Magazine for their upcoming At Night issue. My photos were based loosely around a theme of the unconscious. Result: Unsuccessful.

Disappointment sucks, but hopefully the ultimate outcome of this will be a positive learning experience.

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A sense of Place (Ghost Estates)

Some of the photos I have been posting here as part of my Ghost Estate (temporary title) series have perhaps been a little too descriptive. What I am trying to achieve with the photos is to convey a sense of place, an atmosphere, and to use the phrase again, something just beneath the surface.

There is a very fine line between descriptive and suggestive (if that is the right word). During a recent tutorial where I was showing a very loose edit of around 80 photos,  a fellow student suggested that there are opportunities for two projects in the collection: It all comes down to editing. I could choose a set of photos that are great, and descriptive, and have immediate visual impact. Or, I could choose a set using my intuition, my feelings, and perhaps take a few chances.