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Ghost Estates, Success Rates, and Taking Chances.

I am being reasonably conservative with my shooting – finances are tight – and if I were shooting digital I would probably shoot off at least a hundred frames per location. As it is I’m going through on average a roll (36 exposures) per location, depending on interesting features, lighting, time constraints, etc.

So far I have shot around ten rolls of film for the Ghost Estate photo project; thats around 360 photos. If I get three or four good shots per roll I’m reasonably happy.

That seems like a pretty low success rate, and maybe it is, perhaps I should be aiming higher. The problem with film is that each frame is a risk. Sometimes what you thought would be a great photo (at time of shooting) turns out to be mediocre. And sometimes you take a chance and hope for the best, and you might get lucky. What you see in front of you is not always what the camera sees.

Taking a good photo is relatively easy – with practice. Taking consistently good photos that reflect your true intentions is a totally different ball game. You win some, you lose some.

One, possibly two of the photos below might make the final edit.


4 thoughts on “Ghost Estates, Success Rates, and Taking Chances.

  1. i like photo number 6 a lot, the contrast of foreground and background, the nakedness of the building, the cruelty of the iron bars, the vulnerability of the trees, the metaphor of the “handicapped” house… wonderful, creepy, deep photo.

  2. Uta – photo 6 was my fave of the lot too as soon as I saw it! Got to include it as a contender Simon 😉
    Nice stuff. Yes, always a bit of a gamble with film. And the expense

  3. I’m going to be contentious and go with 1 and 5 as my faves. I see the barricading of family life in 1 and complete desolation in 5. You’ve captured great atmosphere here, looking forward to seeing more.

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