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Gingerbread Men

A small army of Gingerbread men by Hanna’s Artisan Baking.

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2Down 2Up Houses, Wexford, Ireland: A Tribute To a Classic Design

For some time I have been thinking about documenting the 2down2up type house that are prevalent throughout County Wexford, Ireland.

Designed by Wexford County Council up until the 1930’s, they are simple in form, have classical proportions, a pleasing scale, and enduring qualities. Of all the dwellings throughout the landscape of Wexford, they have – in my opinion – the most charm.

Many of these labourer style cottages have fallen into disrepair, but many too have survived, and are lovingly cared for by their owners. Over time, the basic form has been altered by porches, side and rear extensions, and – in a similar manner to icons such as the VW Beetle and Combi – they have been deemed worthy of creative individual paint finishes.

Yet for all this they remain readily identifiable, sitting comfortably in the rural landscape surrounded by green fields, or overshadowed by characterless new buildings in built up suburbs.

This then, is a tribute to understatement; a tipping of the hat to a classic enduring Irish design.



The scale of the soulless building on the right is somewhat diminished by the perspective.

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Thatched Cottages of Kilmore Quay, Ireland.

Kilmore Quay is a picturesque fishing village In the South East of Ireland. One of the things that makes the village so scenic is the number of traditional thatched cottages. Most of these cottages date back to the 18th & 19th century, and are of national historical importance.