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Tintern Abbey & Colclough Gardens, 2012.

Tintern Abbey is located on the Hook Peninsula, Co. Wexford. It’s a beautiful place to visit any time of the year, but late spring / early summer is particularly enjoyable because the air is filled with the aroma of wild garlic growing along the riverbank – and of course the trees and flowers are in full bloom!

The grounds are located away from main roads, and with no traffic noise it’s a great place to ramble away a few hours on or off the beaten tracks.


The Abbey and surroundings.


Fairy forest


Nearby agriculture.


Estuary beginnings

A recent addition to the location is the opening of Colclough Walled Gardens, which has been under restoration for a number of years.


Potato drills in the foreground.


A river – small one – runs through it.


The impressive brick wall receiving temporary support after subsiding where the stream flows under.


Archeological findings during excavation and garden clearing.

In the coming days/weeks I will post more images taken in and around the Abbey itself, and along the banks of the forest river….

Here’s a little teaser:



6 thoughts on “Tintern Abbey & Colclough Gardens, 2012.

  1. Lovely images Simon. Are these for your final project? Love the image of the ice cream van in the previous post.

    In case you don’t tick the reply box when you leave comments here is the answer to you comment earlier:

    We had good turn out nearly 300 peops in a sml gallery came to the p.v. but mostly friends of everyone I suspect. I didn’t take any photos but I think Richard has some on Facebook and there are some here and
    Glad its all over now, was pretty stressful!

    • Hi Tracey, good to hear form you. No, these images are not – as far as i am aware – for my final project. I’m playing around with a few ideas and will email Paul soon to get some feedback. Really need to get out shooting more! You working on any exciting new projects?

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