Dáil sub-committee on “Global taxation” is shielding multinationals from questions about tax avoidance to hide truth about Ireland’s corporate tax regime

Ireland: One law for the rich, and one law for everyone else….

Richard Boyd Barrett TD

PBPA TD says political establishment closing ranks to protect corporate giants while ordinary citizens and the economy are beggared

In a statement today, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Finance spokesperson for People Before Profit Alliance/ULA and a member of the recently established Joint Oireachtas sub-committee on Global taxation has accused the committee of “deliberately shielding multinationals like Google, Facebook and Apple from questions about their aggressive tax avoidance strategies in an effort to hide the truth about Ireland’s corporate tax regime.”

Deputy Boyd Barrett said the decision of government, Fianna Fáil and some Independent members of the Joint committee on Finance to vote down motions that he had put down requiring the committee to bring representatives of Google, Apple and Facebook before it, represented a “disgraceful closing of ranks by Ireland’s political establishment to cover-up the truth about Ireland’s tax haven status.”

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