Designed by Nord Architecture (now renamed Robin Lee Architecture) as part of a 2-stage international design competition. Completed in 2011. Read more about it here.

SB_20131108_0013_web SB_20131108_0005_web


Architecture, art, Design, Ireland, Photography

Architecture: Wexford County Council Headquarters


3 thoughts on “Architecture: Wexford County Council Headquarters

  1. Emer says:

    Not a great work space at all! Smart building??? It doesn’t work at all! Either freezing or roasting! Nice photos though, looks much lighter and airier than it really is!

    • Thanks for your comments Emer. How you getting on in there?
      I am not a big fan of hi-tech buildings, as generally speaking, the technology fails somewhere along the way, be it due installation, or the technology itself. I have lived in a 90 year old Log cabin in conditions ranging from – to + 30C, and it functioned better than most so-called smart buildings.
      I will admit to a little post-processing to make the images more, say, commercially appealing!

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