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Aerial Photography Wexford

For my 40th birthday I received a voucher for a one hour flying lesson with Wexford Flying Club. Initially I was nervous; there were so many stories in the news around that time about small aircraft crashing. It put me right off, in fact, I did’t book my lesson for over a year.

I finally plucked up the courage and set a date (October, 2016). The leaves were falling off the trees, the shadows were stretching across the landscape, and the small aircraft flying season was coming to a close.  I really wanted to get some good pictures and booked an afternoon appointment hoping for some dramatic lighting.

The airfield turned out to be exactly that: a green field somewhere near Taghmon, Wexford, and upon arrival I saw a small airplane coming in to land – on its one wheel. A few beads of sweat trickled down my back.

I was greeted at the Office/Control Tower, by Kay, who was very nice and put some of my fears at ease. Inside the Centre, Peter Tawse (the pilot) went through the basic workings of the plane (D-KIAH SF25C) with me using a scale model. It was a lot of information to take in, and my brain was almost fried by the end of the pre-flight session. I wondered if I would remember anything once up in the air.

As a teenager I spent some time playing flight simulators (Apache Gunship, F15 Strike Eagle, F16 Combat Pilot) on the trusty Commodore Amiga, and  had a ‘basic knowledge’ of flying, but this was different, now it was for real: No ejector seat options today.

My heart quickened when Peter said he will be turning off the engine mid-flight, and that we would be gliding, and landing, with the engine turned off. There was no turning back now. Only the day before I was watching some majestic Buzzards soaring high on the thermals, watching them through a pair of binoculars way up in the sky, so high that they were barely visible to the naked eye. I always wanted to fly like a bird, and now here was my chance. The opportunity to soar.

Once we were up in the air, it was only a few minutes before Peter handed over the controls to me. The plane was beautiful to fly, the controls only needing small adjustments to make noticeable changes in pitch, roll, banking. The hour up in the sky flew by so fast. It was totally amazing. Far more enjoyable than any flight with Ryanair, or Aer Lingus.

I meant to take more photos but I was so immersed in the whole experience that I forgot, which is fine, because the memories are now ingrained in my being, and not buried somewhere on a memory card or hard drive.

Our flight took in the following areas: South East coast from Cullenstown to Saltee Islands, to Carne, Rosslare, and Ravens Wood. Then across the Slaney River, Wexford Town, Forth Mountain, and back over towards The Airfield at Ardenagh, near Taghmon, Wexford. We touched down shortly before sunset, and the light was amazing.

I think the highlight was when Peter switched off the engine and we removed our headsets. It was just us and the plane, up in the clouds, and the sound of the wind. I stuck my hand out of the small sliding window and shifted it as a bird would its wings, feeling how it would be to really fly. That didn’t last long as the air temperature was pretty cold at 4000ft. As we soared through the air, and the fluffy clouds, there was little or no sound, other than the tiny air gaps in the cockpit canopy. Finally, I was flying like a bird.


Our Carriage awaits.


Wexford Town, River Slaney, and surroundings.


Ravens Wood, and the ever shifting sandbanks of the Slaney Estuary.


Slaney Estuary, Rosslare Strand, and Harbour.


Kilmore Quay, Forlorn Point, and surroundings.


Looking SW towards Hook Lighthouse, and beyond.


Keeragh Islands, Cullenstown, and Burrow in foreground.

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Coastal Protection Works at Bastardstown, Kilmore

From March to July 2017, I documented the construction of Coastal Protection Works at Bastardstown (i’m sure there is an interesting place-name history), Kilmore, County Wexford, Ireland. I documented the process while taking beach walks with our dog Pepper.

The past few years brought drastic change to sections of the coastline here in South East Wexford, and Bastardstown – or Seaview as it is also known – was no exception. Large sections of the coastline were eroded during the storms of 2014, and it continues to this day. See some of my earlier posts documenting the storms.

Erosion is an ongoing process. The land is always changing, whether its seismic movement, man-made, or the sea reshaping the coastline; it is in constant flux.

When the erosion of land threatens somebody’s home they are left with few choices: Sell up and move, sit tight and wait for the inevitable (which may take decades), or take action and use resources available to protect their land and home.

This project was commissioned by a private client in order to protect their beachfront property from eroding to the point of their house collapsing into the sea.

Large rocks were transported from a quarry on heavy duty trucks, and slowly, and strategically placed along a section of coastline to prevent or delay progressive erosion due to storms, high tides, rising sea levels, and other factors.

It is questionable as to whether the placement of these rocks increases risk of erosion elsewhere along the coast. As a long-time and regular visitor to the beach, it is my opinion that the introduction of Rock Protection around the access slipway altered the surrounding beach landscape and erosion patterns. Some people I have spoken to on this subject think that erosion in this area was exacerbated after the construction of the Kilmore Quay Marina.

There is a notable lack of tree planting in this area. It is hard to grow trees here – though not all species – due to salty sea air, and relentless winds. Tree planting would go some way towards slowing down the erosion process. However, it might take away from your view of the sea, which, over time, may get a little too close for comfort.

SB_iphone5s (2602 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2660 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2661 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2738 of 4004)

Many of the photos are taken from the beach access slipway which already has rocks protecting it, and can be seen in the foreground above.

SB_iphone5s (2760 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2761 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2764 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2778 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2786 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2788 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2789 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2790 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2792 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2794 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2795 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2796 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2797 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2799 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2807 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2812 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2893 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2894 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2899 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2902 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2903 of 4004)

7th April, my first sighting of the Swallows or Swifts. I wondered what would become of their homes as the construction progressed.

SB_iphone5s (2904 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2913 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2938 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2942 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2943 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2949 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2954 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2971 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (2973 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3001 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3016 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3033 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3085 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3149 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3200 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3230 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3275 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3308 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3309 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3337 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3351 of 4004)

The beach access slipway. the handrail is now in very poor condition.

SB_iphone5s (3366 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3477 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3492 of 4004)

SB_iphone5s (3478 of 4004)

All photos were taken with the iPhone, and batch processed in Adobe Lightroom.

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Wedding Photography: Hanna & Kalle, Finland.

I recently had the privilege of shooting the wedding of two lovely people: Hanna & Kalle. Kalle is the brother of my wife Hanna-Mari, and the wedding ceremony took place in July in an idyllic rural setting in Finland.

We flew over a few days before the wedding and we helped out setting up the venue the day before the ceremony.

This was my first full wedding photography shoot: I have shot at weddings before but only as a guest, so I want to thank Hanna and Kalle for entrusting me to document their very special day. The weather was warm and sunny on the day, and despite some tricky lighting situations the photos turned out great.

My preferred style of shooting is documentary or reportage style (I have a masters in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography) but there are a few formal photos. What the couple want, the couple gets!

I wish Hanna & Kalle many years of wedded bliss!


Below are a few images taken on the day. If you like what you see, and are looking for a documentary/reportage style Wedding Photographer, please get in touch. I would love to shoot your wedding.

SB_M262 (1809 of 1824)

SB_M262 (57 of 1824)

SB_M262 (63 of 1824)

SB_M262 (170 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (116 of 1824)-9




SB_M262 (218 of 1824)-1


SB_M262 (260 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (228 of 1824)-1




SB_M262 (564 of 1824)-1-2

SB_M262 (484 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (555 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (590 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (612 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (633 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (667 of 1824)




SB_M262 (709 of 1824)

SB_M262 (713 of 1824)-9

SB_M262 (734 of 1824)-1


SB_M262 (799 of 1824)-1




SB_M262 (468 of 1824)-9

SB_M262 (469 of 1824)-9

SB_M262 (1071 of 1824)

SB_M262 (1072 of 1824)

SB_M262 (994 of 1824)-2

SB_M262 (1216 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (1128 of 1824)-1-2

SB_M262 (1154 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (476 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (1567 of 1824)-1



SB_M262 (1624 of 1824)-1

SB_M262 (1679 of 1824)-1-2

SB_M262 (1296 of 1824)

SB_M262 (1332 of 1824)

SB_M262 (1342 of 1824)



SB_M262 (1710 of 1824)

So, if you are looking for a documentary/reportage style wedding photographer for 2018, please get in touch.




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Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin

Recently, I have been looking back through some photos from 2013. I splashed out on a Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Super-Wide Heliar lens for the Leica M9. I should have also bought an external viewfinder but they didn’t have one in-store at the time.

Anyway, the lens was very small, well built, and produced pin-sharp images with near zero distortion.

I ended up selling it on after a while as I found I just didn’t use it enough to justify keeping. Other reasons included:

colour casts/shifts in the corners of images, and no external viewfinder (my bad).

Voigtlander are now producing a newer version (III) of this great lens that has improved colour performance in the corners. I know what is on my wish list for Santa this year….

Here is an interior shot I took that required no perspective correction.


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Still Life with Autumn Leaves

Low level Autumn/Winter light working its magic in the south facing window.


“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Taken with the charming Leica M9 and 50mm Summilux.



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Still Life with 50mm Summilux

My M9 was away in Germany getting repaired for what seemed like forever. Now that it is finally back its time to play around with the Lovely M Summilux 50mm f/1.4 ASPH.

I have a renewed love for (digital) photography thanks to VSCO filters. (sample pack).


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Bing Dharma Surfboard

I bought this little beauty last year, and have barely been out on it due to lack of free time.

Its a 6’2 Bing Dharma, Simmons-inspired retro fish with quad fin setup. Shaped in California by Matt Calvani. Slightly rolled bottom transitioning into a vee. Concave deck with beveled, turned down rails. Volume is around 39L. Wide/Butt swallow tail. Pretty flat rocker for glide and paddle power. 6+4oz on top, 4oz on the bottom. Volan cloth.

Good for waist high mush to overhead barrels – have yet to see overhead barrels!






SB_Iphone5s_20141210_0105 copy

All photos were taken on the iPhone 5s. I’ll get round to taking some better ones with a proper camera someday.

If you would like to know more about this board feel free to ask as question.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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1968 Volkswagen Beetle: A Design Classic

Recently spotted during the mini heatwave, parked outside a local pub. The engine is air-cooled but the owner obviously needed liquid cooling.

Beautiful colour, good condition, lovely maroon leather interior, and the retro roof-rack is a nice finishing touch.

A design classic.



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Declan & Clare’s Wedding

A few photos I took on Dec & Clare’s big day. Well done guys. Thanks for a great time, it was great to be part of the celebrations.












And the celebrations continued the following day….



I wasn’t the official wedding photographer, but I was in photographer mode for much of the day, as I am trying to build up a wedding portfolio.

If you know someone getting married who is looking for a wedding photographer, please send them in my direction. 😉