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Bing Dharma Surfboard

I bought this little beauty last year, and have barely been out on it due to lack of free time.

Its a 6’2 Bing Dharma, Simmons-inspired retro fish with quad fin setup. Shaped in California by Matt Calvani. Slightly rolled bottom transitioning into a vee. Concave deck with beveled, turned down rails. Volume is around 39L. Wide/Butt swallow tail. Pretty flat rocker for glide and paddle power. 6+4oz on top, 4oz on the bottom. Volan cloth.

Good for waist high mush to overhead barrels – have yet to see overhead barrels!






SB_Iphone5s_20141210_0105 copy

All photos were taken on the iPhone 5s. I’ll get round to taking some better ones with a proper camera someday.

If you would like to know more about this board feel free to ask as question.

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂



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Wordless Wednesday: Water & Light

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Aerial Views of Five Well Known surf Destinations

Google Maps is a great tool for checking out the potential of new surf spots, be it near your local break, or somewhere on the other side of the world. If the image quality is good enough you can even see tiny little surfers in the water getting shacked!

Do you recognise any of the following well known surf spots?






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Review: Sight Sound, Surf-Movie


Mikey DeTemple’s Sight Sound short surf movie showcases the talents of DeTemple, Chris Del Moro, Tyler Warren, Ryan Burch, and other hipsters as they score some awesome waves along the beautiful and diverse coasts of North and South/Central America, Canada, and the Bahamas. The soundtrack is pretty cool too: A chilled eclectic selection of electronica and indie featuring the talented Footprintz, Com Truise, White Denim, and more.

There is a nice variety of footage to suit most afficiandos: logging, short boarding, air-time, wipeouts, and Ryan Burch mixing it up with some hybrids.

At 37 mins the movie is a little short, but definitely leaves me wanting more….







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Lone Surfer at Sunset

The clocks went forward on Saturday night, and now we have extra daylight in the evenings: Great for sunset surf sessions. Conditions were good; gentle offshore breeze, 3-5ft swell, and, after a grey day, the sun finally made an appearance.


SB_20140331_0005_web SB_20140331_0019_web



SB_20140331_0063_webGotta get myself a longer lens. These were all shot on a 50mm Summicron, which is a great lens, but something like a 90mm or longer is really required for sports photography if you want to get right in the action.


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Singlefin: Yellow, Surf Documentary Review

Title: Singlefin: Yellow (2004)

Director: Jason Baffa

Starring: Beau Young, David Kinoshita, Devon Howard, Daize Shayne, Bonga Perkins, Tyler Hatzikian (shaper/surfer).

Genre: Documentary/sport

Running time: 70 min.


Written, directed, and produced by Jason Baffa, Singlefin: Yellow charts the journey of a surfboard around the world as it is shared by a community of surfing friends.

Inspired by the spirit of nineteen-sixties surfing, California based shaper Tyler Hatzikian builds a board, surfs it, passes it on to a friend, who then repeats the process.

Shot in economical 16mm format, the film has a nice grainy feel. Faded colours, and weird colour casts all add to the atmosphere of the documentary. It has a real sixties feel; even the clothing/wetsuits have a retro look. The only real reference to the twenty-first century is a short clip of Devon Howard tapping away on his laptop.

There is plenty of nose-riding footage shot from the beaches – possibly a little to much. Visually the documentary could benefit from a little more camera angle variety. However, editing is tight and the surf footage is real good, as all participants are world class surfers.

As the board travels to well known surf breaks in California, Australia, Japan, Hawaii, and Mexico, Baffa explores some of the history and culture of surfing. Along the journey each talented, mellow surfer describes their experience surfing Yellow, and share their philosophies on surfing and life. Daize Shayne is the only female surfer included, and although her section is a little short, it’s probably a reflection of the largely testosterone fueled/filled surf world.

The film flows smoothly from one section to the next, and in-transit footage of the board making its way from departure lounges to arrivals provides visual variety and a little respite from the waxing lyrical.

“Surfing is there for everyone to enjoy. Surfing is a truly beautiful thing to do, and something that can change your life forever.” – Beau Young.

The accompanying soundtrack adds real depth to the documentary: A carefully selected collection of offbeat folk, rock, jazz, and electronica tunes, by relatively unknown West coast artists like The White Buffalo, enhances the tone and mood.

The surfboard acts as a common thread throughout the documentary, and provides Baffa with the means to explore the spirit of surfing: It’s more than just competitions, sponsorship, and money. It’s about sharing the waves, friendship, new experiences, and having a good time.

This is a beautifully crafted documentary that will appeal to anyone vaguely interested in surfing. It’s got great cinematography, music, and an underlying message, and once the credits were finished rolling, l passed on my copy of Singlefin: Yellow to a surf friend.

Jason_1 _6A_0078 _25_0068 16A_0088 L1030188

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Stones that look a bit like Surfboards.



Had a bit of fun on the beach the other day looking for stones that look a bit like surfboards. Mine is the brown one second from left, Hanna’s and the kid’s make up the rest. Which one do you think looks most like a surfboard?

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The Search for Surf


Nice peeling lefts and rights!

South East Ireland is not the ideal location for surfing; we are pretty much sheltered from the big swells that come roaring in from the Atlantic. Occasionally, however, a swell will come far enough south to hit our beaches: If we are lucky the wind will be offshore; if we are really lucky the tides will be right; and if we are really really lucky, the sun will be shining down on our smiling faces!

Yesterday was one such day.

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Surf’s Up

Following on from my multimedia project handup in December, I bought a used disposable waterproof film camera, and brought it out for the first surf session of 2012. air temperature was around 5 deg C, water temp was 10 deg. C

After about two hours of catching fun waves, I got out of the water, took the camera out of the car, and – mistakenly – left the board and fins on dry land while trying my hand at surf photography.

It was not very easy with tired arms and legs, and having to wind on each frame with 5mm mitts ain’t easy while trying to stay afloat and dodging 5ft breaking waves. Still, we had a blast. Roll on the next swell.