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wordless Wednesday: Weather

Some photos taken on the iPhone 5S. A great camera when used in conjunction with the Camera+ app.




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Other Worlds: Underwater Photography

The weather has been fantastic over the past few weeks; 25C +, endless blue skies, warm summer breezes, dining al fresco, and many enjoyable hours spent at the beach. I got re-aquinted with my snorkel gear, and dusted off a bargain disposable underwater camera I picked up on Ebay.

swimming underwater is really like being in another world. The silence, the tranquility, the beautiful light, and endlessly fascinating sealife. One species I recently discovered is the Comb Jellyfish; apparently the oldest form of life on earth. (See pictures three and four for photos). An amazing little creature with what looks like fluorescent lights flickering along the length of its transparent body.

Its not the easiest thing shooting underwater. Trying to look through a tiny viewfinder wearing a snorkel mask, while maintaining position is near impossible. I was constantly struggling to stay down, and a weight belt would probably help.

I know these are not the sharpest photos, (due to scratched lens and long expired film) but for me, shooting underwater is all about atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere!


Kids enjoying the summer.


Crabs fighting over a dead flatfish.


Comb Jellyfish


Comb Jellyfish and light rays.


Kris exploring the reef with his GoPro.


The beautiful seabed.

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Summer Finally Arrives

After one of the coldest springs on record, It seems summer has finally arrived. Temperatures today hit 22.9 C. Pretty good for Ireland in early June.

The last decent Summer I remember was 2006, seven years ago! Hanna (wife) was heavily pregnant at the time and we had just moved back to rural seaside Ireland after a two year spell in lovely Liverpool! Since then, summer weather has been lousy, at best we might get a few days blue skies and then the rain and wind would kick off again. 2007 was particularly bad and Rihanna’s Umbrella made an apt soundtrack.

Hanna’s brother, who lives in south Finland, visited us last August.  I remember one day during swim week – the week we bully coerce our young kids into the sea to learn how to swim regardless of temps or weather conditions – we huddled on the sand in our winter coats under grey skies, backs to the wind, and Kalle (hanna’s brother) said that if those kids were animals, swim week would be called animal cruelty!

So here’s to a long overdue proper summer; may it be filled with warm days and nights, clear blue skies, fun BBQ’s, and hopefully a little bit of surf!SB_20130604_0501_web

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Flight Of The Swallow

Summer is nearly upon us – although here in Ireland it currently feels more like November.

It must be nearly a month ago when I spotted the arrival of the Swallows. They never fail to stop me in my tracks. To watch them flit and speed through the air is pure delight, their distinct chirping chatter heralding the coming of Summer.

Two years ago I attempted to capture some of their energy on film. Its only when one tries to photograph a Swallow with a manual focus film camera that one realises just how incredibly fast they move. I felt slow and clumsy as the little bundles of pure energy danced and darted around me, making me dizzy.

Some recurring themes in my photography are identity, space, and time, and I think these photos explore something of the transience of the seasons, light, and indeed, our own lives.ImageImageImageImage