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Finger Thong (Fong)

I have decided on a new career direction: Fashion design. My first creation is in keeping with the summer season: A finger thong, or Fong.

Cosy fitting, stylish, and comes in a wide variety of colours. Get your fingers ready for the beach this summer! 😉


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Spring Tide: Saltee Islands & St. Patrick’s Bridge


Spring tide at St. Patricks Bridge, Kilmore Quay, Ireland.

View to Saltee Islands from St. Patrick’s Bridge, which is a naturally occurring stone causeway that extends out to the Islands. It has been the ruin of many a seafaring vessel.

I think I’m gonna have to climb up on someone’s roof down there to get a higher vantage point.



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Wordless Wednesday


City of North Vancouver votes unanimously to become a GE Free zone

Progressive thinking – common sense prevails.

GE Free BC

10th June

This evening the City of North Vancouver became the 2nd Vancouver municipality, and the 62nd municipality in the Province, to become a GE Free zone.

Councillors who were originally doubtful changed their mind during the meeting after a number of community members made forceful presentations about the importance of this issue.

Congratulations to all the campaigners who worked on this, the next piece in the puzzle to making the whole of BC GE Free.

A GE Free BC is possible. Please donate to our campaigns from this blog (scroll down to the donate button on the right hand side of the page) – we are 100% volunteer so all your funds go to the campaign.

Get in touch at if you want to get involved in a campaign in your community.

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Summer Finally Arrives

After one of the coldest springs on record, It seems summer has finally arrived. Temperatures today hit 22.9 C. Pretty good for Ireland in early June.

The last decent Summer I remember was 2006, seven years ago! Hanna (wife) was heavily pregnant at the time and we had just moved back to rural seaside Ireland after a two year spell in lovely Liverpool! Since then, summer weather has been lousy, at best we might get a few days blue skies and then the rain and wind would kick off again. 2007 was particularly bad and Rihanna’s Umbrella made an apt soundtrack.

Hanna’s brother, who lives in south Finland, visited us last August.  I remember one day during swim week – the week we bully coerce our young kids into the sea to learn how to swim regardless of temps or weather conditions – we huddled on the sand in our winter coats under grey skies, backs to the wind, and Kalle (hanna’s brother) said that if those kids were animals, swim week would be called animal cruelty!

So here’s to a long overdue proper summer; may it be filled with warm days and nights, clear blue skies, fun BBQ’s, and hopefully a little bit of surf!SB_20130604_0501_web