This land is our land


The Pipe is a compelling video documentary of one small irish community’s fight against corporate giants, Shell, and Irish political corruption, greed, and failure to protect it’s citizens.


Grow your own

Myself and the wife have long spoken about growing our own vegetables. The conversation has developed over a few years, and so, finally, this spring, I went to the local builders yard, bought a load of timber, cut it into suitable lengths, screwed them together, and voila, the frame for a raised vegetable bed was born. It was a long birth, possibly the longest in history. The process was spread over two and a half weeks. But its here now, and the other afternoon I/we filled it with homemade compost.

Now, to get the plants in, and let nature take its course, with a little help from newly greened fingers. Watch this space….

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Evaluating the Evidence

I stopped taking photos of ghost estates for a while. What exactly I was making photographs of, was not completely clear. I have a better picture now of what i want to show or express, but am aware that this needs to evolve and develop as the library of images grows.

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County Championship Athletics

My daughter recently joined the local athletics club. Mayday was her first competitive meeting; County championship athletics for youths. She is eight years old.

It was great to see such a wide variety of talent and determination.