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Experimental Photography #1

Blue light energy swirls.

I consider most of my photography to be ‘straight’ documentary; that is, any post processing work done is purely to enhance the quality of the image rather than distort. A little bit of colour balancing, curves adjustments, and dodging/burning. Its a contentious issue, especially when it comes to reportage and photojournalism. How much post processing is allowed before the original image becomes something different?

The photo above is pretty much straight out of the camera. It involved some christmas lights and a zoom lens. I admit to changing the original colour of the light swirls from orange to blue. I felt the spiralling swirls somehow represented life energy or cosmic energy, and I associated this energy with the blue glow surrounding planet earth in the lovely images we see beamed back to us from space. Some call it orgone energy.


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Montevecchia, Italy


Entrance to the small hillside village is framed with an arch. Good start!

Montevecchia is a small village north of Milan in the (aristocratic) region of Brianza. It is located on a hilside approximately 500m above sea level, with panoramic views of the Plain of Lombardy to the South, and the Foothills of the impressive Alps to the North. Apparently there are some ancient pyramids in the mountains here.

We visited the place on a Monday morning  and the main street was empty; the place was deserted, and everything was closed. Apparently Italians like to go out Sunday nights. Luckily we stopped at a pasticceria (patisserie or bakery) and brought our own fresh pastries and focaccias – which were amazing.


View from the cobblestoned main st. looking back towards the slightly dominating church.

We originally planned to go shopping in Milan but the thermometer was due to hit 27C that day and we had four small kids in tow, so a relaxed walk along the shaded cobblestone streets of an historic hillside settlement seemed a better idea. Northern Italy in September is beautiful. Warm enough for shorts and T-shirts and swims in the lakes.


Amazing panoramic view over the plain of Lombardy, with the towers of Milan just visible on the horizon.


There was a wedding ceremony in the village that morning. At the bottom of the 178 steps that lead to the hilltop church, there was this classic little Italian beauty. What a wedding gift!


Looking North towards the foothills of the Alps.


Looking back towards the village one couldn’t help but admire the beautiful Italian architecture., and lush landscape.


One of many vineyards in the region of Brianza.


Some Italian aristocrats humble abode I presume.



I would love to go back to Montevecchia someday, but only when the cafes/restaurants are open. One can imagine dining al fresco on the terrace looking out over the twinkling twilight landscape, sipping on beautiful Italian red wine, eating the finest fresh food (real Italian food is absolutely amazing) – and getting lost in the magic of Bella Italia.

I will post more soon on our trip to Italy. A visit to Beautiful Bellagio – The Pearl of The Lake, Shopping in Monza, and more….

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Abandoned Manor Farm, Finland.

In January 2013, before returning to Ireland after christmas holidays visiting Hanna’s parents, we spent a few days with Hanna’s brother who lives near Urjala in the South of Finland. He took us on a walk of the land surrounding his rural home. A local feature in the vicinity was an abandoned farmstead: A cluster of empty timber buildings on a raised plot of land overlooking a small winding river and a vast plain of flat land. Instead of the usual sounds of birds, animals, and activity, this farm was filled only with the sound of silence, interrupted by our footsteps in the snow, and an icy winter wind.


On approach: Access to the farmstead was across a small bridge which spanned the almost frozen river.



The farmstead wasn’t totally abandoned; beehives were arranged outside one of the buildings.



The effects of time are clearly visible on this agricultural building.


Typical example of traditional Finnish rural architecture.


The surrounding plain with Birch forest in the distance.


A silent overgrown courtyard lit up by vibrant red berries.

After roaming around between the buildings for a while, we took a walk through a small forest which covered a nearby knoll. Kalle – Hanna’s brother – explained to us how Lynx climb the trees and lie in wait for passing deer, and then pounce on the unsuspecting mammals. Using his tracking skills he then showed us some recent Lynx footprints. Shortly after this discovery, we turned towards home, and our pace quickened, despite the knee deep snow.