Who is really running Ireland?

Who is really running the country?

Finance minister Michael Noonan recently agreed to a salary of €843,000 for Richie Boucher, CEO of bailed out Bank of Ireland. Boucher also held a senior management position in the lead up to BOI’s partial bailout. Is this how you are rewarded in the banking world; lose millions, and get a nice fat pay cheque courtesy of spineless corporate bought politicians? Bankers fucking politicians fucking citizens. Where, and when, will it all end? Will someone please send a real superhero to save the good people of Ireland – no, not you, you fat-faced politicians.

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2up2down Houses #3

What do I write about these small icons of Irish architecture?

Sometimes I feel it’s better to just let the photographs do the ‘talking’: No captions, no explanations, just open ended images that let the viewers eyes and mind roam.

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3 types of people you should have in your circle!!

Wise Words!

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Our lives will be determined by what we spend our time on and who we spend our time with. Make sure you surround yourself with people that will bring out the best you! From my experience and the experience of others, there are three types of people you should have in your circle.

1. The ultimate optimist. When times get tough or things don’t go as planned, when things are starting to get ugly and hairy – we all need that person we can call on to confirm that things will be more than fine and this too shall pass. Sometimes there is nothing more important than a few words of encouragement than can help get you back on your feet, make one more attempt, and take one more shot. Many times it is that final shot – when we are either the most desperate or the most inspired…

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Stones that look a bit like Surfboards.



Had a bit of fun on the beach the other day looking for stones that look a bit like surfboards. Mine is the brown one second from left, Hanna’s and the kid’s make up the rest. Which one do you think looks most like a surfboard?

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Sculptures at the National Gallery of Ireland.

During the Easter break, we (wife, kids and I) made a day trip to Dublin town and visited the National Gallery of Ireland. Our kids are prolific artists and go through reams of A4 paper faster than a small office.

I have long admired the architecture of the Millennium Wing of the Gallery, and have on occasion stopped in to have a coffee, but I have not visited the gallery spaces since I was a child, (a long, long, time ago).

Some of the art collections had No Photography signs, but I didn’t see any prohibited signs in the sculpture gallery so I whipped out the mobile phone ( I forgot to bring my ‘real’ camera) and got up close and personal.

The collection contains many fine European 18th century marbles, and a large number of sculptures by Irish artists. If you are any way interested in art, the Gallery is well worth a visit.
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